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Themis Efthimiou
Rachel Frazer
Role / Position Graduate Researcher
Instiution / Company Columbia University
Emily Jackson
Role / Position Postgraduate researcher
Instiution / Company Liverpool John Moores
Adrin Loomes
Role / Position PhD Researcher
Instiution / Company University of Birmingham
Bio I am interested in the multisensory perception of touch in ageing using behavioural psychophysics and functional imaging.
Elsa Maatouk
Role / Position Psychomotor therapist
Laura Mulligan
Role / Position Post Graduate Researcher
Instiution / Company Liverpool John Moores University
Bio PGR researcher investigating the role of CT afferent nerve fibres in the development of preterm infants,
Ana Pereira
Role / Position Medical Student
Instiution / Company Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Bio Last year of medicine school. Strong desire to explore the neural, psychological and social factors that constitute of a human being, in both affective and cognitive ways. Psychiatry ofc
Helen Powell
Role / Position PhD student
Instiution / Company IoPPN
Bio I am interested in investigating socio-affective touch in autistic and non-autistic individuals using quantitative approaches and how this could relate to differences in sensory processing.
Edgardo Silva
Role / Position Investigator / Biomedical Engineer
Instiution / Company Universidad de Valparaiso
Bio Elderly people and loniless, from the point of view of social touch and social neuroscience. Currently i'm working on my thesis projecto to obtain the Masters degree in Neuroscience
Marcia Silva
Role / Position PhD student
Instiution / Company University of Minho
Bio Interested in understanding of how affective touch is processed in the brain, to what extent it is able to intervene in pain sensitization processes.
Ana Maria Sintion
Role / Position Neuroelectrophysiology Specialist
Instiution / Company SC Maria Quantum Medical SRL
Sofia Sousa
Role / Position Master's student
Instiution / Company Utrecht University
Bio I am currently studying Neuropsychology at Utrecht University, and writing a research report on the relationship between affective touch and interpersonal trauma.
Osho Toyese
Role / Position General manager
Instiution / Company Bunjoa concept Nigeria
Hilal Üney
Role / Position Graduate student
Instiution / Company Bergamo University