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Jaehyoung Bae
Role / Position Integrated Master/Ph.d
Instiution / Company Cognitive system/Korea University
Bio Touch has a crucial role in social development. It presents in almost all relationships. Especially, affectionate touch helps people to reduce stress and experience pleasure.
Ria Beßler
maria rosa bufo
Role / Position PHD STUDENT
Instiution / Company INSERM U1253
Bio I am a 1 year PHd student at the CHU Bretonneau in Tours. I am working in Team 1- Autism. My field of study concernes autonomic nervous system activity during tactile stimulation.
Quentin Devaux
Role / Position PhD student
Instiution / Company McGill
Shaunna Devine
Elin Eriksson Hagberg
Role / Position MD, PhD
Instiution / Company Institiute of neuroscience and phsyiology, Department of Physiology, University of Gothenburg
Jordan Martin
Shaun Martin
Role / Position Osteopathy Student
Jeraldine Milroy
Bio Touch as communication; The role of touch in Tourettes’ Syndrome; The influence of lateralisation and handedness on haptic perception; Tactile and haptic languages used within the Deafblind community.
Sophie O'Kane
Jan Carl Otto
Instiution / Company Universtity of Kiel CAU
Anbjørn Ree
Instiution / Company University of Oslo
Edgardo Silva
Role / Position Investigator / Biomedical Engineer
Instiution / Company Universidad de Valparaiso
Bio Elderly people and loniless, from the point of view of social touch and social neuroscience. Currently i'm working on my thesis projecto to obtain the Masters degree in Neuroscience
Katerina Tatsopoulou
Role / Position Undergraduate Student
Instiution / Company Hellenic Open University
Bio I am currently writing my thesis on the emotions, thoughts and intentions of elementary teachers towards their students on incidents of aggression.
Judith Weda
Role / Position PhD Candidat
Instiution / Company University of Twente