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Jaehyoung Bae
Role / Position Integrated Master/Ph.d
Instiution / Company Cognitive system/Korea University
Bio Touch has a crucial role in social development. It presents in almost all relationships. Especially, affectionate touch helps people to reduce stress and experience pleasure.
Shaunna Devine
Daniel McGuire
Role / Position Student
Instiution / Company Nebraska Wesleyan University
Bio interested in touch as a nurse and massage therapist
Callie Merrick
Role / Position Doctoral Researcher
Instiution / Company Loughborough University
Role / Position Medical Student
Instiution / Company Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Bio Last year of medicine school. Strong desire to explore the neural, psychological and social factors that constitute of a human being, in both affective and cognitive ways. Psychiatry ofc
Edgardo Silva
Role / Position Investigator / Biomedical Engineer
Instiution / Company Universidad de Valparaiso
Bio Elderly people and loniless, from the point of view of social touch and social neuroscience. Currently i'm working on my thesis projecto to obtain the Masters degree in Neuroscience