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Carolien Bazelmans
Role / Position Haptotherapeut
Instiution / Company Praktijk voor Haptotherapie Carolien Bazelmans
Bio Fysiotherapeut en haptotherapeut in nederland.
Carolyn Fitzgibbon
Role / Position Occupational Therapist and Director
Instiution / Company Sensory Modulaton Brisbane
Bio I am an OT working in the mental health area. I specialise in Sensory Modulation and have co-authored a book called the Sensory Modulation Resource Manual. I have an interest in Sensory Processing.
Susan Frazer
Role / Position UKCP Registered Body Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor
Instiution / Company Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre
Bio My area of interest is Affective Touch in Psychotherapy, particularly the activation of C Tactile Afferents by slow, gentle strokes down the body. This appears to be helpful for clients with chronic anxiety especially adult clients who have been deprived of maternal touch in infancy.
Alpha Gunn
Role / Position Owner
Instiution / Company Somatic Solutions Counseling
Bio Licensed counselor offering trauma-informed, body-based psychotherapy with a focus on mindfulness, breath, movement, and purposeful language use to increase resilience and support trauma recovery.
Yolande Reichert
Role / Position Haptotherapeut
Instiution / Company praktijk voor haptotherapie
Bio I am a haptotherapist, my work is about affectivity and touching. Only for that reason is the congress important to me, it is also a nice recognition for our profession.
Anne Rodenburg
Role / Position Haptotherapist
Instiution / Company Anne Rodenburg Haptotherapie
Bio As a haptotherapist I apply affective touch in the clinical treatment of stress and burnout. Interest in research on the topic of affective touch. I have a PhD in exercise physiology.
Ida van Rijsselberg
Role / Position Haptotherapist
Instiution / Company van Rijsselberg Haptotherapie
Bio A haptotherapis, with 20 years of experience.Followed master classes with the founder of haptonomy in the South of France. Writer of the article Haptotherapy and Burnout.
Françoise Wibbels-Pancras
Role / Position GZ-Haptotherapeut
Instiution / Company Haptonomie Hengelo