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Rochelle Ackerley
Role / Position Researcher/PI
Instiution / Company CNRS - Aix-Marseille University
Bio I use microneurography to investigate how touch is encoded and interpreted in humans. I combine physiological recordings and the stimulation of tactile afferents with neuroimaging (EEG, MEG, fMRI).
Joana Antunes
Michela Bassolino
Instiution / Company School of Health Sciences, HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Sion, Switzerland & MySpace Lab, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV), Switzerland
Ingvars Birznieks
Role / Position Associate Professor
Instiution / Company UNSW Sydney
Bio I am a sensory neurophysiologist interested in function of tactile receptors, information encoding mechanisms and sensorimotor control of the human hand.
Gavin Buckingham
Role / Position Senior Lecturer
Instiution / Company University of Exeter
Mary Burleson
Role / Position Professor
Instiution / Company Arizona State University
Bio My PhD is in Psychology (behavioral neuroscience). I use cardiovascular psychophysiology & subjective measures to study social connection and interpersonal regulation of emotion and stress via touch.
Carissa Cascio
Role / Position Associate Professor
Instiution / Company Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Bio I am interested in somatic perception and development and its impact on individuals with autism. My work focuses on the neural basis of touch and interoception in this group.
Laura Case
Role / Position Assistant Professor
Instiution / Company UC San Diego
Bio I use sensory testing, brain imaging, brain stimulation, and pharmacologic manipulation to test mechanisms involved in affective touch perception in individuals with and without chronic pain.
Valentina Cazzato
Instiution / Company Liverpool John Moores University
Marie Chancel
Role / Position Postdoctoral fellow
Instiution / Company Karolinska Institute
Ilona Croy
Instiution / Company Technical University of Dresden
Anik Debrot
Role / Position Senior Lecturer
Instiution / Company University of Lausanne
Sophie Declerck
Role / Position Doctoral Researcher
Instiution / Company Loughborough University London
Michael Eggart
Instiution / Company Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences
Bio Research interests: clinical touch research, interoception, mental health
Marco Guidotti
Instiution / Company UMR 1253 INSERM - Université de Tours
Bio PhD thesis project on affective touch in autism spectrum disorder. Data from somatosensory evoked potentials.
Connor Haggarty
Role / Position Postdoctoral Fellow
Instiution / Company Linköping University
Bio My PhD looked at individual differences in the physiological and behavioural responses to affective touch. I'm interested in the role of affective touch in social behaviour in humans and other species
Robin Heron
Role / Position PhD student
Instiution / Company Telecom-Paristech
Hsin-Ni Ho
lorraine horton
Role / Position Course Director
Instiution / Company Devon School of Massage & Bodywork
Bio Research as an NHS bodywork practitioner working with People with a Learning Disability - finding ways of connecting through touch. Research partner: Aston University, Birmingham
Damien Huzard
Role / Position Postdoc
Instiution / Company IGF
Evelin Kirkilionis
Malin Lagerström
Role / Position Senior lecturer, research leader
Instiution / Company Uppsala University
Bio Itch, pain, primary afferents, spinal cord, transgenic tools
Andrea Lambell
Role / Position Doctoral researcher
Instiution / Company Durham University
Bio ESRC-funded PhD candidate, formerly a massage therapist with a multidisciplinary palliative care team. Investigating the role of touch and non-verbal communication in healthcare inequities.
John Langendoen
Max Larsson
Role / Position Researcher
Instiution / Company Linuköping University
Olivia Le Moëne
Role / Position Postdoc
Instiution / Company Linköping University
Haemy Lee Masson
Role / Position Postdoc
Instiution / Company KU Leuven
Sarah McIntyre
Instiution / Company Linköping University
Staci Meredith
Instiution / Company University of Cambridge
Bio My interest lies in the development of the body schema, or the awareness of the topographic arrangement of body parts, especially parts whose function is entwined with their role as sensory organs.
Ronna Moore
Role / Position Graduate Researcher
Instiution / Company La Trobe University
Bio I am a massage therapist undertaking doctoral research exploring the specific role of touch in developing the therapeutic relationship in the context of palliative care massage therapy.
D. Muret
Instiution / Company UCL
Daniela M. Pfabigan
Role / Position Postdoctoral Fellow
Instiution / Company University of Oslo
Ravi Poorun
Role / Position NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow (Paediatrics)
Instiution / Company University of Exeter & Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
Richard s
Role / Position Psycho motore child therapist
Dirk Scheele
Role / Position Deputy lab head
Instiution / Company University of Oldenburg
Bio I am interested how interindividual differences such as sex and early life experiences modulate the neurobiological substrates of social connections.
Renate Schweizer
Instiution / Company Functional Imaging Laboratory, German Primate Center, Goettingen, Germany
Alexander Toet
Role / Position senior scientist
Instiution / Company TNO
Paula Trotter
Role / Position Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience
Instiution / Company Liverpool John Moores University
Katerina Vafeiadou
Role / Position Research Assistant
Instiution / Company Goldsmiths College, University of London
Agnes van Swaay
Role / Position PhD student / researcher
Instiution / Company Radboud university medical center
Bio As a health care psychologist and as a haptotherapist I have many years of experience in palliative and oncological care, treating and supporting patients with cancer. PhD research: 'Haptotherapy for people with cancer'. First study: Experience of haptotherapists and reasons for consultation.
Claire Wardak
Role / Position Researcher
Instiution / Company UMR 1253, iBrain, Université de Tours, Inserm