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Michael Baker
Role / Position Research Director/Professor
Instiution / Company CNRS
Bio PhD Open University 1989 (cognitive science), habilitation (psychology) 2004, Tenured CNRS researcher since 1990
Ingvars Birznieks
Role / Position Associate Professor
Instiution / Company UNSW Sydney
Bio I am a sensory neurophysiologist interested in function of tactile receptors, information encoding mechanisms and sensorimotor control of the human hand.
Emmanuel Bourinet
Role / Position PI
Instiution / Company Institute of Functional Genomics, CNRS
Mary Bushnell
Role / Position Scientific Director
Instiution / Company The National Institutes of Health
Carissa Cascio
Role / Position Associate Professor
Instiution / Company Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Bio I am interested in somatic perception and development and its impact on individuals with autism. My work focuses on the neural basis of touch and interoception in this group.
Laura Case
Role / Position Postdoctoral Fellow
Instiution / Company National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health
Bio Laura Case, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral fellow at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, NIH. Her research uses functional magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and pharmacological manipulation to probe brain regions involved in affective touch.
Valentina Cazzato
Instiution / Company Liverpool John Moores University
Asta Cekaite
Role / Position Professor
Instiution / Company Child Studies, Linköping University
Bio My research deals with embodied aspects of social interaction, and children's emotion socialisation, the use of touch in naturally occurring interactions for soothing, affection and control.
Ilona Croy
Instiution / Company Technical University of Dresden
Els de Graaf
Role / Position coödinator education
Instiution / Company Academie voor Haptonomie
Bio Physiotherapist, pedagogue and haptotherapist. Now working mainly on developing a body of knowledge for the Academie voor Haptonomie. Main interest the links between body and mind trough touch, scientific research and the link between practice and science.
Anik Debrot
Role / Position Lecturer
Instiution / Company University of Lausanne
Francoise Detienne
Role / Position Pr
Instiution / Company CNRS
Chris Dijkerman
Instiution / Company Utrecht University
Jorge Esteves
Role / Position Professor
Instiution / Company COME Collaboration
Roberta Etzi
Instiution / Company Politecnico of Milano
Amaury Francois
Instiution / Company CNRS
Linda Garofallou
Role / Position Infant Mental Health Clinician & Qigong Sensory Treatment Therapist
Instiution / Company Center for Autism & Early Childhood Mental Health at Montclair State University (CAECMH)
Bio Pediatric Sensory Treatment Therapist at the CAECMH, formerly at Children’s Hospital of NJ at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Licensed massage therapist, licensed in Shanker Method for Self-Regulation and holds the Level III Clinical Endorsement in Infant Mental Health®.
Alberto González
Role / Position Postdoctoral researcher
Instiution / Company Universidade do Minho
Gudrun Gossrau
Role / Position Consultant neurologist
Instiution / Company University of Dresden, Pain Center
Karin Göthner
Role / Position BMA
Instiution / Company Institiute of Neuroscience and Physiology, University of Gothenburg
Sean Hagberg
Role / Position Clinical Asst. Professor, Neurosurgery
Instiution / Company University of New Mexico
Bio Inteorception, social touch, non-invasive therapeutics
Willem Hagg
Role / Position GZ-Haptotherapist
Instiution / Company Haptonomie Warnsveld BV
Bio member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Haptonomy and Haptotherapy Practising haptotherapy.
Robin Heron
Role / Position PhD student
Instiution / Company Telecom-Paristech
Lina Homman
Role / Position Post Doc
Instiution / Company Linköpings University
Gijs Huisman
Role / Position Senior researcher
Instiution / Company Digital Society School
Marina Iosifyan
Role / Position Senior lecturer
Instiution / Company National Research University Higher School of Economics
Ann-Charlotte Johansson
Instiution / Company L'OREAL Research & Innovation
Christos Korres
Charlotte Krahé
Role / Position Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Instiution / Company University of Liverpool
Anikó Kusztor
Role / Position Research Assistant
Instiution / Company Linköping University
Malin Lagerström
Role / Position Senior lecturer, research leader
Instiution / Company Uppsala University
Bio Itch, pain, primary afferents, spinal cord, transgenic tools
Max Larsson
Role / Position Researcher
Instiution / Company Linuköping University
Haemy Lee Masson
Role / Position Postdoc
Instiution / Company KU Leuven
Line Loken
Role / Position Research Fellow
Instiution / Company University of California San Francisco
Angelika Mader
Role / Position Assistant Professor
Instiution / Company University of Twente
Vera Mateus
Leah Mayo
Role / Position Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Instiution / Company Linköping University
Sarah McIntyre
Instiution / Company Linköping University
Irene Peribi
Instiution / Company CSAN
Bruna Petreca
Role / Position Research Fellow
Instiution / Company Royal College of Art
Daniela M. Pfabigan
Role / Position Postdoctoral Fellow
Instiution / Company University of Oslo
Monica Pollmann
Role / Position Teacher, practitioner Haptotherapy
Instiution / Company Academy for Haptonomy
Bio Haptonomy is a Haptic therapy for clients who experience problems caused by (e.g.) attachment issues, trauma’s or burn-outs. Within Haptic therapy, affective touch is a substantial part of the intervention.
Federica Riva
Role / Position Post-doctoral researcher
Instiution / Company University of Vienna
Uta Sailer
Instiution / Company University of Oslo
Adriana Sampaio
Role / Position Assistant Professor
Instiution / Company University of Minho
Annett Schirmer
Role / Position Professor
Instiution / Company The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Renate Schweizer
Instiution / Company Biomedical NMR, Max Planck Institute for biophysical Chemistry,
Adilon Silva
Instiution / Company Universidade José do Rosário Vellano
Ana Maria Sintion
Role / Position Neuroelectrophysiology Specialist
Instiution / Company SC Maria Quantum Medical SRL
Sharon Smith
Role / Position Postdoctoral Research Associate
Instiution / Company Liverpool John Moores Univerisity
Grazia Fernanda Spitoni
Role / Position Associate Professor
Instiution / Company Sapienza, University of Rome
Richmond Stace
Role / Position Chartered Physiotherapist and
Instiution / Company Specialist Pain Physio Clinic & Understand Pain Social Enterprise
Bio Purpose: to help people understand pain and use practical ways to move on to live fulfilling lives. This via the Pain Coach Programme that I have pioneered and Understand Pain Social Enterprise.
Elya Steinberg
Role / Position Director and head of training
Instiution / Company London School for Biodynamic Psychotherapy
Bio Dr Elya Steinberg MD, director of the Centre for Biodynamic Psychotherapy in London UK. Biodynamic Psychotherapist who integrates Biodynamic psychology, psychological trauma work& integrative medicine
George Tackley
Role / Position ESRC Research Fellow
Instiution / Company CUBRIC, Cardiff
Bio Research using MRI of the spinal cord to investigate sensory processing, particularly that of c-fibre mediated peripheral modalities, e.g. pain and affective touch.
Pankaj Taneja
Role / Position PhD student
Instiution / Company Aarhus University
Eleonore ten Thij
Role / Position Haptic Therapist and independant researcher
Instiution / Company Zin-tact Haptonomie
Jenny Tigerholm
Role / Position Postdoc
Instiution / Company Aalborg university
Alexander Toet
Role / Position senior scientist
Instiution / Company TNO
Paula Trotter
Role / Position Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience
Instiution / Company Liverpool John Moores University
Ans Tummers
Role / Position PhD
Instiution / Company Eindhoven University of Technology
Jan van Erp
Role / Position Principal Scientist | Professor of Tangible User Interaction
Instiution / Company TNO | University of Twente
Martine Van Puyvelde
Instiution / Company Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Royal Military Academy
Ida van Rijsselberg
Agnes van Swaay
Role / Position PhD student / researcher
Instiution / Company Radboud university medical center
Bio As a health care psychologist and as a haptotherapist I have many years of experience in palliative and oncological care, treating and supporting patients with cancer. PhD research: 'Haptotherapy for people with cancer'. First study: Experience of haptotherapists and reasons for consultation.
Anton Varlamov
Role / Position Director, Center for Cognition and Communication
Instiution / Company Pushkin State Russian Language Institute
Bio MA in Linguistics, PhD in Psychophysiology. Cognitive and developmental neuroscience. Attention, emotion, and motivation. Affective touch. Autism and predictive brain theories.
Mariana von Mohr
Role / Position Postdoc researcher
Instiution / Company Royal Holloway University of London
Claire Wardak
Role / Position Researcher
Instiution / Company UMR 1253, iBrain, Université de Tours, Inserm
Grace Whitaker
Role / Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Instiution / Company University of Valparaíso
Andrew Wold
Role / Position Project Manager
Instiution / Company University in Linköping
Johannes Ydrefors
Boris Zubkov
Role / Position Researcher
Instiution / Company Mindware Lab
Bio Research and development of digital therapeutics